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Wirral Coal and Logs

10x Packets Eco Heat Logs

10x Packets Eco Heat Logs

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10 x Packets

British Made Round Wood Fuel Briquettes for Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Product details:

- Darker wood colour;
- Each 8.3kg bag contains 7 heat logs;
- Size of one briquette is 240-250mm x 75mm and the weight of one briquette is 1.185kg;

Key Highlights:

  • 100 % British made;
  • Smaller size of ca. 1.2kg / briquette - fits wide range of stoves;
  • Mixed hardwood and softwood timber for easy lighting and long burn;
  • Low Moisture: 9.9%;
  • High calorific value: 16.5 MJ/kg;

heat logs offer an attractive flame with sustained heat output. Made from compressed wood, they’re easy to light and are 100% clean with no chemicals or additives.

Heat logs light easily and burn very well they are also easy to handle. They burn hotter and are often cheaper than logs. They are even easy to store so long as they are kept dry.

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