Wood Wool Firelighters Wirral

Wood Wool Firelighters Wirral

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Eco firelighters are a sustainable way of getting a fire going without the use of any harmful or toxic chemicals. Instead of relying on combustible liquids like kerosene or paraffin they use naturally and sustainably sourced materials to achieve the same effect.

Opting for natural firelighters that are made from eco-friendly materials means that you can do your bit for the green cause as well as benefit from safe, non-toxic firelighters for your home. These firelighters are very easy and convenient to use, so you can get your fires started in next to no time.

A firelighter is a small, solid fuel tablet for fire making. Firelighters marketed as consumer products may be used to start a wood or coal fire in a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or solid-fuel portable stove.

They are common called wood wool firelighters! 
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