Why Choose Kiln Dried Logs?

Why Choose Kiln Dried Logs?

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Certified 'Ready to burn' kiln dried hardwood logs!

Because of the greater efficiency with kiln-dried logs, fires will burn much hotter for longer.

 Kiln-dried logs tend to burn more evenly as well, as the wood has a consistently low moisture content, which means you get a much more efficient and longer-lasting burn than with alternative wood types.22 Jun 2021

 Choosing kiln dried wood over "seasoned" wood because of cleanliness. Wood that has come out of a kiln is going to be less dirty and contain less organic matter (bugs!) than wood that has been dried naturally. If you store your wood near or inside of your home, or you just want clean wood, choosing kiln dried is your best bet.

 The burning of freshly cut or unseasoned wet wood contribute significantly to high levels of particulate emissions. Conversely burning dry wood has significant and demonstrable benefits in greatly reduced emissions. Burning wet wood can damage your stove or chimney/flue long term

 Give them a try and see the difference!!


 Burning wet wood can be bad for the environment because a fire isn't able to provide a clean burn of the wood. A struggling fire due to wet wood can lead to increased production of smoke, creosote and other harmful products

 From May 2021, the government has implemented a ban on the sales of wet wood and coal, which means that if you usually use wet wood to fuel your small wood burning stove, then you'll need to find an alternative fuel source from now on.


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