Smokeless Coal for Sale with Wirral Delivery Included

Smokeless Coal for Sale with Wirral Delivery Included

Solid Fuel Supplier - Smokeless Coal Wirral 

Supertherm, Newburn & Excel brands of smokeless coal/ovals for sale to keep your stoves and open fires burning all winter!

Local Wirral Delivery (weekend and evenings included through winter) Delivery slot can be chosen on checkout

  • Great customer feedback Multiple payment methods to suit everyone.
  • Shop and checkout online with Card, Google Pay or Paypal Smokeless Coal, Kiln Dried Log Nets, Kindling, Eco Heat Logs & More!
  • All products certified by the ready to burn scheme
  • We will help stack/store coal bags in your preferred location or fill your coal store/bunker on delivery
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Why choose smokeless fuel?

Smokeless fuels can give up to a third more heat than normal house coal and can also burn for up to 40% longer. This means that they can burn hotter for longer, meaning you need to refuel your appliance less often. Less refuelling also means that smokeless fuels can be more cost effective than your normal house coal.

Multifunctional - when you invest in a bag of smokeless coal, you can actually use it for multiple purposes around the house. Smokeless coal can be used in both open and closed appliances, making it a versatile fuel solution for your home. If you’re looking to get more fuel for your money, we thoroughly recommend buying a bag of smokeless coal.
Attractive flame - whilst this may not be a concern for many people, smokeless coal actually burns with a bold, bright and attractive flame. This is due to the hard and smooth finish of the smokeless coal. If the aesthetics of your fire is something that’s important to you, smokeless coal can offer you with a useful and attractive fuel solution for your home appliances. 


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