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Smokeless Coal For Sale Wirral -

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Smokeless Coal for Sale Wirral

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More info Smoke control areas |

Most of the densely populated parts of Wirral have been declared a smoke control area. The areas covered in this are highlighted on a map of controlled areas.

DEFRA have produced a range of guidance leaflets with further information on open fires and wood burning stoves, smoke control areas and buying, storing and seasoning wood.

  • only burn authorised fuels
  • use a grate in the fireplace that’s suitable for burning smokeless fuel

Roads in Wirral that are NOT in a smoke control area:

all of Raby Mere (west of Dibbinsdale Brook)
all of Thornton Hough
all roads south of Brimstage Road, Spital and west of Poulton Road, Poulton
Benty Heath Lane (to Wirral boundary)
Brimstage Lane
Brimstage Road (east of Heswall Hills Station and west of Clatterbridge roundabout)
Clatterbridge Road
Greenbank, Brimstage
Hargrave Lane
Keepers Lane
Landican Lane, Storeton
Lever Causeway
Little Storeton Lane
Manor Road, Thornton Hough
Marsh Lane
Mount Road, Clatterbridge
Neston Road
Parkgate Lane
Poulton Hall Road
Raby Hall Road
Raby Mere Road
Redhill Road
Resthill Road
Station Road, Storeton
Talbot Avenue, Brimstage
Thornton Common Road
Whitehouse Lane (east of railway track)
Willaston Road (to Wirral boundary)
Willow Lane
Willowbrow Road (to Wirral boundary)


Smokeless fuel infomation:

Enhanced performance and fire life
Smokeless fuels produce a consistently higher heat and can last as much as 40% longer than ordinary house coal. 

Is smokeless coal better for the environment? In a word, yes. Smokeless coal is made with less volatile components, so there's significantly less toxic smoke compared to regular house coal, meaning it's cleaner to burn.

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