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Seasoned Logs vs Kiln Dried Logs?

Seasoned logs are dried out naturally in the open air over a long period of time in order to reduce their moisture content until they can be burned efficiently. In contrast, kiln- dried logs are dried artificially in a specialised kiln bring the moisture content right down. 

Kiln dried logs tend to burn hotter and guranteed ready to burn straight away! 

Naturally seasoned wood is cheaper, typically by about 10 to 30 percent. But when it comes to burning, it's no contest. In virtually every use, whether for a campfire or cozy blaze in your living room fireplace, kiln-dried firewood is better than traditional seasoned wood. 

Everyone who has bought wood has been stung in the past buying wood thats a little damp! which is a night mare to burn and can cause damage to your flue and stove. 
seasoned logs wirral
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