Night Briquettes with Wirral Delivery

Night Briquettes with Wirral Delivery

What Are Night Briquettes & Why Burn Night Briquettes? 

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Night Briquettes are designed to burn low and slow providing you with a consistently comfortable level of warmth while they are in use.  

They are called night briquettes/logs but alot of people burn these in the day also, for a long slow burn! 

Night briquettes are sourced from responsibly managed plantations, and the manufacturing process does not include the use of any chemical ingredients

Briquettes are best suited to being added to an existing fire, for a long, slow, consistent burn. However night briquettes can also be broken into smaller pieces and used to start a new fire too if you so wish

As they are so dense, they will need more help to get going without an existing fire to start off the bruning, a good load of kindling and firelighters cna start them off

Made of compressed wood are more energy-efficient than logs, since they are both dry and rich in energy 

Wide range of applications; you may use them in wood-burning stoves, log burners, protected fire pits, chimineas, and so on. They are the ideal supplement to hardwood heat logs as well as conventional logs used in fireplaces 

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night briquettes with wirral delivery


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