Is Supertherm a good smokeless fuel?

Is Supertherm a good smokeless fuel?

Is Supertherm a good smokeless coal?


Looking for supertherm coal in Wirral? 

Authorised smokeless fuel, HETAS approved & Value for money

- Very slow burning, low ash content & easy to light
- Will keep your fire in overnight
- For use in open fires, multifuel stoves & room heaters.

Supertherm is a consistently high-quality Smokeless Fuel, which provides a very long-lasting, strong heat. This great, low-maintenance Smokeless Fuel is able to burn overnight, or all day when you are at work. This product is a more environmentally friendly & cleaner way of heating your home than traditional coal.

Supertherm is a manufactured briquette that is easy to light and burns with a cosy, warm flame. This Smokeless Fuel gives a strong heat output, and is easily controllable, this smokeless fuel is suited well for open fires. What's more, Supertherm produces 80% less smoke than traditional house coal. This product is a fully authorised and approved smokeless fuel which can be found on the DEFRA website.

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