Is Oak a good firewood?

Is Oak a good firewood?

Is Oak a good firewood?

... In short Yes, a Excellent Firewood, if not the best

Oak is one of the hardest and strongest timbers out there. When used for firewood, oak produces a small flame and burns very slowly. The English Yule log, a popular Christmas tradition, was often cut from oak.

Looking for oak logs in Wirral? 

  • Great heat out put - high calorific content means a lot of heat when burned, creating a steady continuous source of warmth. The flames flicker low compared to other words but a great, if not the best firewood!
  • Ideal for intensive use - Great for people using the fire for extended periods of time due to the long burn time. 
  • Less tending of fire - Due to long burn time you wont need to tend the fire as much, minimal ash produced and less likely to spark than some other wood types. 
  • Longest burn time - Because oak is so dense and chunkier in shape it burns much slower than its counterparts. You will need a good base of kindling, or hot ash bed to get Oak going due to density 

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