Is Kiln Dried Oak Good Firewood?

Is Kiln Dried Oak Good Firewood?

Oak has been a popular choice of firewood since forever!

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What is it about oak that makes it so popular?

In short, hardwoods and softwoods burn at different temperatures, have different densities and burn for different lengths of time.

While its cost may be slightly higher, what oak definitely delivers is value for money. Oak firewood is denser than the other species, has a much thicker bark, and burns longer than other firewood species.

It is also a lot heavier than other hardwoods, so while it might take slightly longer to build up to temperature, it generates amazing heat once it does.

Oak firewood also has a lovely aroma, it is long-lasting.

Oak firewood produces consistent heat and a low flame, so you won't need to tend to the fire as often. Oak is also much less likely to spit and spark because of this reason. 

Oak burns evenly and creates minimal ash, making it a highly efficient combustible fuel.


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