Hotlogs Wood Briquettes - British Made!

Hotlogs Wood Briquettes - British Made!

Hotlogs Wood Briquettes - British Made!

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British Made Round Wood Fuel Briquettes for Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Key Highlights:

  • 100 % British made;
  • Smaller size of ca. 1.19kg / briquette - fits wide range of stoves;
  • Mixed hardwood and softwood timber for easy lighting and long burn;
  • Low Moisture: 9.9%;
  • High calorific value: 16.499 MJ/kg;

Usage recommendations:

1 - 3 briquettes should be loaded at any given time, depending on the size of your wood burner / stove.  Because they burn much hotter than logs and expand in the fire, it is important not to overload your fire box. Loading to about half the capacity is usually ideal, but try and see what works best for you.


  • DO NOT overload your wood burner / Stove, as these briquettes burn much hotter than normal logs! Start with just 1 briquette until you’re familiar with its performance.
  • Make sure the briquettes DO NOT touch the glass of your stove and the door is properly closed.

Appliance recommendation

Recommended for all types of fireplaces, wood and multi-fuel stoves and log boilers.

Product details:

  • Darker wood colour;
  • Each 8.33kg bag contains 7 heat logs;
  • Size of one briquette is 230-250mm x 75mm and the weight of one briquette is ca. 1.19kg;

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