Coal for sale near me - Wirral

Coal for sale near me - Wirral

Looking for quality smokeless fuels in Wirral? 

Pick your delivery day or slot! Smokeless Coal for sale with local delivery

Shop online with card, paypal, cash on delivery, bacs and more with Wirral Coal and Logs! We also stock logs, night briquettes, eco hot logs and more. 

We stock Supertherm and Excel 

Supertherm is a manufactured briquette that is easy to light and burns with a cosy, warm flame. This Smokeless Fuel leaves little ash residue, gives a strong heat output, and is easily controllable. What's more, Supertherm produces 80% less smoke than traditional house coal.
Excel is a smokeless fuel that burns with an extremely high heat output and a slow burning time with minimum ash therefore makes the job of cleaning out the appliance easier. And of course because it is a smokeless fuel this means that it is approved for use in smoke controlled areas unlike traditional house-coal.
We pride ourselves on our service, check out our reviews on google! 

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